Resonate is a 10-voice auditioned ensemble made up of Grade 11 and 12 students. Its name has significant meaning, as Resonate is defined as “vibrations from one vibrating object to another.”  This metaphor captures the group’s purpose: To have fun making music at a high level and to share this music with others so that the vibe that lives within Resonate can also live in their audience.

Resonate sings both on and off microphones and their repertoire includes vocal jazz and pop while still maintaining a balance of traditional choral music.  The group has a busy schedule throughout the year singing at numerous church Services, festivals, school concerts, and banquets throughout Manitoba.  They have also performed across Canada including Montreal, Saskatoon, Calgary, Vancouver, and numerous visits to the Canadian Rocky Mountain Festival in Banff. Resonate is directed by Rick Heppner Mueller.


2017-18 Resonate


Soprano I Soprano II Alto
Alisha Suderman
Camille Dyck
Georgia Dalke
Lauren Fehr
Gwen Friesen
Shayla Theissen
Tenor I Tenor II Bass
Carter Hildebrand
Josh Dyck
Scott Dick Solomon Schlegel



MCI Music Dept Calendar 2017-18