Illuminate (Jr. Vocal Ensemble) is a 12-voice auditioned ensemble made up of Grade 9 and 10 students.  The purpose of this group is to provide an opportunity for younger students to develop their singing skills in an ensemble setting.   Students in Illuminate sing a wide variety of music, are given solo opportunities, and receive an introduction to singing on microphones.  They perform at all the major MCI concerts, Choral Fest, Red River Valley of the Arts, and at churches.  Many members of this group graduate to MCI’s premier vocal group Resonate.  Illuminate is directed by Rick Heppner-Mueller.


2017-18 Illuminate 
Soprano Alto Tenor/Baritone
Tielle Tiessen
Merle Yin
Jesse Wiebe
Emilia Kehler
Julia Dyck
Janae Braun
Briana Neufeld
Emma Unger
Lila Dalke
Celena Harder
Dani Heide
Julie Klippenstein
Tammy Voth
Gavin Penner
Owen Friesen
Simon Unger


MCI Music Dept Calendar 2017-18