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We will be staging Murder Takes the Veil – our 10th production. Read on to find a synopsis of the play, audition times, character descriptions, and to purchase tickets


Murder Takes the Veil (By Margaret Ann Hubbard) – Published by The Dramatic Publishing Co.

The play takes place at a girl’s college at St. Aurelien’s, a school run by an order of nuns in southern Louisiana. Trillium, a senior at St. Aurelien’s, notices someone has brought an object to the college, an item that once belonged to her murdered father years earlier. Is it a coincidence this object shows up the same time that 3 male instructors are hired at the college for the first time?

Trillium senses she is in grave danger. And when her best friend is found murdered she is terrified for her own life. She and her friend were wearing identical costumes for the school play.

So, the murderer is at St. Aurelien’s, but who is it?



May 15 – 18, 2017

7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Buhler Hall, Gretna


Character Descriptions:

Kathy Thatcher – a pert & vivacious Freshman at St. Aurelien’s – somewhat of a tease – age 16 or 17 – (46 lines in 2 scenes)

Trillium Pierce – a rather intense & serious Senior at St. Aurelien’s – hides a deep secret concerning the murder of her father and absence of her mother – age 21 – (271 lines in 4 scenes)

Mother Theodore – Mother Superior at St. Aurelien’s – rules and guides the girls firmly with warmth, understanding & love – age mid 50’s – (323 lines in 5 scenes)

Sister Osmond – slightly younger than Mother Theodore – slightly shy, but a staunch & dependable Portress of St. Aurelien’s – (95 lines in 3 scenes)

Sister Etienne – eldest of the nuns – she is blind, but accepts her condition with grace & humility – exceptionally kind-hearted – loves all animals (84 lines in 5 scenes)

Sister Raymond – youngest of the nuns – early 30’s – pleasant and efficient music instructor – (42 lines in 3 scenes)

Mary Elizabeth – a Senior student who senses Trillium needs protection from something – a bit of a clown, but still level-headed and sincere – age 21 – (219 lines in 4 scenes)

Helen Perry – also a Senior – age 21 – very dramatic and comes across as light-minded & flippant – (118 lines in 2 scenes)

Alison – a petulant & pampered Senior – somewhat cynical & negative – age 20 –21 – (23 lines in 2 scenes)

Nerissa – a Senior student – lively & energetic – age 21 (49 lines in 3 scenes)

Minna – young & energetic – age 17 – 19 (9 lines in 2 scenes)

Crispin Archer – a handsome man – somewhat cynical, almost flippant – has been hired as an English instructor – age early 40’s – (118 lines in 5 scenes)

Franz Eric – a handsome man who appears to be somewhat insecure – hired as an Athletic instructor – age early 30’s (82 lines in 5 scenes)

Hy Muckleroy – a general purpose handyman & farmhand at St. Aurelien’s – he’s uneducated & naïve – for him life can become complicated too quickly – age 35 – 45 (67 lines in 3 scenes)

Torvaldson – eldest of the 3 new male teachers – colourful with considerable charm – a widower with 3 daughters – an Art instructor – age early 50’s – (127 lines in 5 scenes)

Sheriff Jarvis Thatcher – a no-nonsense police officer – a doting father to Kathy – had a “thing” for Mother Theodore before she took the veil when she was known as Emmy Peters – age mid 40’s (425 lines in 4 scenes)

George & Elena Perry – Helen Perry’s parents – George (40ish) is an impatient & angry man who can’t cope with a teen-aged daughter – he is action driven – (35 lines in 1 scene). Elena (40ish) is a rather ineffectual mother who substitutes worry for action – (19 Lines in 1 scene)

Theophilus Burns – a loud mouthed & flamboyant travelling salesman (churns) – laughs a great deal as part of his sales technique – age 50ish (76 lines in 1 scene)

Erminie Wagner – former student at St. Aurelien’s with affection for the school and Mother Theodore – she is sports-minded, capable & intelligent – age 30ish – (41 lines in 1 scene)

Glory Muckleroy – wife to Hy – a motherly woman – age 35-45 – (64 lines in2 scenes)

Pete – an alert, young deputy who probably aspires to be sheriff one day – age late 20’s – (68 lines in 2 scenes)

Rindy – a maid at St. Aurelien’s – slow moving, always tired, easily frightened by things she doesn’t understand – age 40ish – (70 lines in 3 scenes)


All Students must be able to sing in an ensemble without accompaniment.

3-5 extra students will be added as background, and to sing in the ensemble.

2-3 extra nuns will be added as background.


Tickets Available in Fall



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