Cottonwood Community Drama

We will be staging Murder Takes the Veil – our 10th production. Read on to find a synopsis of the play and to purchase tickets


Murder Takes the Veil (By Margaret Ann Hubbard) – Published by The Dramatic Publishing Co.

The play takes place at a girl’s college at St. Aurelien’s, a school run by an order of nuns in southern Louisiana. Trillium, a senior at St. Aurelien’s, notices someone has brought an object to the college, an item that once belonged to her murdered father years earlier. Is it a coincidence this object shows up the same time that 3 male instructors are hired at the college for the first time?

Trillium senses she is in grave danger. And when her best friend is found murdered she is terrified for her own life. She and her friend were wearing identical costumes for the school play.

So, the murderer is at St. Aurelien’s, but who is it?



Tickets Available Here



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