Chamber Choir

The MCI Chamber Choir consists of 32 auditioned students from Grade 10 to 12. Its purpose is to bring the best of young people to the world through music so that their listeners will be inspired and God will be glorified.  The goal of Chamber Choir is to have fun developing singing and communication skills while building up a sense of courage and community within the group.

The Chamber Choir has a busy schedule throughout the year, performing at numerous church Services, festivals, school concerts and banquets.  They sing a wide repertoire of music ranging from classical to contemporary as well as world music, jazz and pop. The Chamber Choir has a long tradition of choral excellence and many of their choristers have gone on to successful music careers after graduation.

2016-17 Chamber Choir
Soprano I Soprano II
Alisha Suderman
Camille Dyck
Georgia Dalke
Jocelyn Penner
Kaija Heppner Mueller
Madelyn Mierau Friesen
Shayne Watkins
Taya Friesen
Britania Heide
Alto I Alto II
Abby Cornelson
Cynthia Krahn
Jessie Wiens
Lauren Fehr
Taylor Wiebe
Tessa Thielman
Eli Dueck
Gina Peters
Gwen Friesen
Jenna Erb
Tenor I Tenor II
Carter Hildebrand
Josh Dyck
Preston Bergman
Erik Friesen
Joel Enns
Scott Dick
Baritone Bass
Austin Klippenstein
Connor Thiessen
Corbin Friesen
James Bergen
Griffin Kehler
Nick Driedger
Solomon Schlegel


MCI Music Dept Calendar 2016-17