Buhler Hall rentals can be inquired through the MCI office at (204) 327-5891.

Current rental rates are under Board review.


MCI offers a wide range of rental facilities that make it the perfect all-in-one venue for family gatherings, conferences, and other large group events.
For more information, please call (204) 327-5891.

Description of  Facilities

Chapel: Seating capacity 200-250; public address system; air-conditioned.

Classrooms: Seven regular classrooms; one room with larger tables and chairs; all rooms have whiteboards; some have projection screens.

Gymnasium: Seating capacity 500+; sports equipment available for indoor sports activities.

Kitchen/dining room: Modern, fully equipped kitchen with walk-in cooler/freezer; round tables and chairs for a maximum of 200 people; air-conditioned.

West Wing – 28 rooms with 56 single beds (not bunk beds)
East Wing  – 35 rooms with 70 single beds
East wing all rooms are air-conditioned. Both wings are very fine facilities.

Some rooms have private bathroom; most share bathroom with one other room. Two rooms and bathrooms are wheelchair accessible. All rooms are grouped together into modules with 4/6 rooms surrounding a lounge area. Main lounge (air conditioned) suitable for group activities/displays. Mezzanine (air-conditioned) suitable for table games, table tennis etc.

Camping: Electrical hook-ups available in the area around the parking lot. Other non-serviced areas on various parts of the campus.


Electricity North South Total
30 AMP 2 2
20 AMP 4 2 6
15 AMP 17 24 41


Equipment: Pianos, public address system, slide projector, overhead projector, video projector, projection screen, VCR, color TV, digital projector; DVD player,  movable risers, 3’ x 8’ folding tables, round tables, sports equipment.

Rental Agreements

Groups renting the facilities are responsible for damages to equipment and buildings beyond normal wear and tear.

Renter’s responsibility prior to the event

  • Fill out the reservation form and submit this, together with a $250 non-refundable deposit to MCI. The entire deposit will be applied to the rental cost provided the rented facilities are left neat and clean and no damage has occurred. The balance of the rent is due at the time of the event.
  • An inquiry to rent the facilities for a certain date will hold the facility until a firm commitment with the deposit is received. In the event of a second inquiry for the same date by another party, the first party will be notified and a firm decision will be requested within a reasonable period of time. For smaller groups the school reserves the right to consider other simultaneous rentals.
  • In the event that food services are being requested, confirmation of the number of participants must be given 10 days prior to the beginning of the event. Final billing will be based on the actual numbers provided that they are not less than 90% of the confirmed number. In the event of final numbers being less than 90%, billing will be based on 90% of the confirmed number.


Renter’s responsibility during the event
Participants in the group should be informed of the school’s general philosophy and guidelines. The school reserves the right of refusal to groups who are unwilling to comply with the following.

  • Smoking is not allowed in any areas inside the building. Possession and/or use of alcohol and illicit drugs are not allowed on campus.
  • Pets are not allowed anywhere in the building.
  • All group members should respect moral and ethical standards based on Christian principles.
  • MCI does not assume responsibility for personal property and vehicles on the premises.
  • Damages should be reported to the person in charge.
  • Residence rooms, lounges and mezzanine are to be cleaned prior to departure. Please leave facilities in a clean and tidy manner.


Current rental rates are under Board review.

/Event /Evening /Day 2 Day/Weekend
A. Facilities
Res. Lounge
Dining Room*
Dining Room & Kitchen
B. Group Food Services (minimum 75 persons) /Person
C. Lodging /Person
D. Children’s Rates
5 years and under
6-12 years