2018 Fastpitch Roster

Georgia D.
Lauren F.
Mikayla M.
Karly W.
Cassi P.
Taya F.
Tamira R.
Samara R.
Lila D.
Julia D.
Jesse W.

Coaches: Kayla Giesbrecht, Susie Dyck, Kaitlin Reimer

All league games start at 4:15pm. All MCI home games will be played at W.C. Miller. Sanford’s home game will be played in La Salle.

April 25: MCI @ Miller

April 30: MCI @ Morden

May 7: Sanford @ MCI

May 9: GVC @ MCI ** Please note game time has been changed to 4:30pm instead of 4:15pm**

May 14: MCI @ PCI

May 16: Carman@ MCI

May 24: Zone Championship Tournament in Portage (top 6 teams from the league schedule)

Click here to download a printable version of the 2018 Zone 4 Fastpitch Schedule

Practices & Games May 14-18 

Monday: Game at Portage @ 4:15pm. Make suppers during lunch, leaving school at 1:30pm
Tuesday: Practice @ 4-5:30pm
Game at W.C. Miller vs. Carman @ 4:15pm. Make suppers at 3 and leaving at 3:15pm.


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