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Monday: Pizza Casserole

Tuesday: Broccoli cheese soup, sunflower flax bread

Wednesday: Salad bar, pull-apart garlic rolls

Thursday: Potato bar

Friday: Tacos

*Please note that the lunch menu is subject to change based on any of the following: the availability of ingredients, the unexpected abundance of left-overs, the whims of Elma, the whiney-ness of students, and just because we said so. 

Monday: MCI Olympics – Dodgeball Staff vs. Students

Tuesday: MCI Olympics – Opening Ceremonies

Wednesday: MCI Olympics – Olympic Trivia

Thursday: MCI Olympics – Watch current Olympic Highlights

Friday: MCI Olympics – Closing Ceremonies

February 16 – 19: Closed Residence Weekend (Friday @4pm – Monday @ 6pm)

February 19 – No School – Louis Riel Day


Announcements & Information
  • MCI daily classes begin at 8:40am. The end of the school day is 3:40pm.
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