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Ask any MCI alumni what stands out about their time as a Stookie and they’ll likely mention the foundation of MCI life: Community.   MCI offers its students a community where friendships are built across grades and last long after graduation.  MCI seeks to foster this community for its alumni through reunions, events, newsletters, and the arts.

Alumni are an important part of MCI’s landscape.  For every new student that walks into our doors, new alumni walk out into the world with all the connectedness that comes with being a Stookie.   They go on to graduate from universities and colleges.  They go on to create lives that reflect the diversity and creativity of MCI in their work, in their studies, and in their families.  They achieve greatness in fields from art to teaching to political science.  They carry with them the mission of MCI, a calling to be disciples who express Christian hope by serving others, promoting peace, and providing Christ-like leadership within the church community and the world.

 The wisdom and support that comes from our graduates has been beneficial to the school’s health both financially and spiritually.  We thank all MCI alumni for their support.