International Students


Every year, students from all around the world come to study and live at MCI.  We offer international students a safe, caring environment in which they can learn English and experience Canadian culture.  We offer rigorous courses and a rich co-curricular experience.  Our residence offers a safe, supportive, and fun place to live where international students can build relationships with each other and with Canadian students as they study, work, and play together.  Parents and friends of international students can follow our Residence Life Blog to stay in touch with the activities and happenings in the residence.  Additionally, parents of international students are encouraged to be engaged in their student’s learning by way of email and phone connection to the school.

Because we are a small community, international students are able to get involved in student life in real and exciting ways beyond academics, including music, sports, student leadership, and social activities.

International students are paired with a host family in the area who help the student to learn about Canadian culture and welcome the student into their home and into their family on holidays, closed residence weekends, and as needed throughout the school year.

If you or someone you know is interested in attending MCI as an international student, contact us right away to apply and see how we can help with securing the needed paperwork in order to study with us.

All inquiries can be directed towards our Admissions Director at or 1 (204) 327-5891.

Interested in being an MCI Host Family?  Scholarships are available for students whose families host an MCI international student.  Click here for more information.