Think Tank Information

Approximately 40 people (staff, board members, broader MCI community) got together at Wilderness Edge Resort to talk about and plan for the future of MCI. Jennifer Kilimnik was the facilitator and did a great job of guiding the process.

Thursday night was focused on getting everyone settled in both physically and mentally. Moments of quiet reflection allowed us to clear our minds for the next day. Friday was a full day of dreaming, brainstorming, and planning. The larger group was divided into groups to work on four different areas of institutional health (staff, student, educational, community) that had been identified earlier in the process. Each group took a close look at their specific piece of the puzzle, and developed some long term, essential, and quick result priorities, along with naming some lead people to take charge of each area.

Each leader will need support people from the greater MCI community for each area to be successful in achieving the goals. In addition to participants, we invite you to hold this work in your prayers.

Some excellent ideas and thoughts were shared through many discussions over the three days and a really good sense of community and support was evident.

**This page will be updated as more information is available**