Residence life at MCI is an experience students treasure for a lifetime. 

To travel along with the residence activities, see our Residence Life blog.

For the 2018-2019 school year, our residence deans are Zach Gerbrandt, Annika Enns-Dyck and Susie Dyck. Paul Peters serves as our Director of Student Life.

Our 2017-18 Residence Handbook is available here


Residence Facility

The student residence is attached to the academic wing. It features:
  • a two story girls wing accommodating 70 students.
  • a two story boys wing accommodating 56 students.
  • Each wing consists of six modules with five or six double-occupancy rooms and a small lounge area. A bathroom consisting of a shower, toilet, two sinks, and a large mirror is shared by two rooms.
  • Each room has two built-in floor level beds, drawers and closet space for two students as well as a built-in desk with bookshelves.
The residence also has a co-ed common lounge area, a mezzanine with table games, and music rehearsal rooms. The adjoining cafeteria can seat 200 people. Meals are prepared in the well-equipped kitchen and are served buffet style.

Residence Life

MCI is not just a place where students attend classes, it is where they live. While in residence, students learn to:
  • respect others,
  • discover how to manage conflict,
  • build life-long friendships, and
  • practice independent living skills in a structured environment.


Four Residence Deans give leadership to the residence. They provide:
  • leadership in facilitating a positive residence experience for each student,
  • social, personal, and spiritual guidance for students, and
  • 24-hour supervision.

Student Residence Assistants

  • Resident assistants (RA) are appointed through an application and interview process by residence staff.
  • Each RA provides leadership in his or her mod.  (A mod is a group of rooms with a common area.)
  • Leadership includes planning special events and outings for the mod, helping maintain orderly life in the residence, and facilitating community-building within the residence.

Expectations for Students

  • Students are responsible for keeping their rooms tidy.
  • Shared bathrooms are expected to remain clean.
  • Students are divided into work groups and take turns cleaning shared residence areas.
  • Kitchen duty is scheduled on a rotating basis.


On average, the residence is closed on 10+ weekends per year, which are indicated on this list of Closed Residence Weekends and  School Calendar of Events. On closed residence weekends, students are expected to go home or stay at their host family home. Students are encouraged to go home regularly to maintain close relationships with friends, family, and their home church.

When possible, MCI can help arrange transportation to Winnipeg at a cost.


  • All meals are prepared and served in our spacious cafeteria by our kitchen staff.
  • Nutritious home-made meals are served everyday.
  • Special medical dietary requirements are accommodated as much as possible.
  • Evening snack is provided every night.

Motor Vehicles

  • Students who drive their cars to school must register them at the residence office.
  • Vehicles are recommended to be used only for transportation between home and school.
  • Use of vehicle is permitted with authorization of parents and residence staff.

Medical Policy

Medical Policy

  • Parents and guardians are responsible for the medical care of the their son or daughter while at MCI.
  • If possible, all appointments should be made outside of class time and school events.
  • Residence staff can assist with medical appointments, as available and needed.
  • Staff at MCI are trained in notifying emergency services and personnel at the nearest health facility in Altona.
  • All residence staff are trained and certified in CPR and basic first aid.