Co-curricular Activities


Faith Development

In the Anabaptist Mennonite understanding of the Christian walk, every facet of our lives comes under the Lordship of Christ. Consistent with this understanding, Christian values permeate all co-curricular spheres of school life.

Each morning the entire MCI community meets for twenty minutes to share in worship, celebrate our faith, and support each member of the community in his or her Christian walk. Missionaries, MCC workers, community leaders, and other guests enhance regular chapels led by staff or students. Periodically a chapel series will focus on special themes, such as social issues or questions dealing with relationships.
Evening Bible studies in the residence are planned by interested students and Residence Life Coordinators. These can include specific Bible studies, prayer, singing, or guest speakers.
SOAR Heartland is a team-based discipleship program made available to MCI students yearly. SOAR Heartland teams serve various ministries during the March spring break with the MB Mission SOAR Heartland program. The program explores the five functions of the church; Ministry, Mission, Fellowship, Discipleship, and Worship.
This retreat takes place at Red Rock Bible Camp at the end of September. Hiking, canoeing, evening firesides, and recreational games all contribute to strengthening community spirit and Christian growth, making this a highlight of the school year for many students.  The cost of this retreat is part of the student council fee that all MCI students pay.  There is no additional charge for this retreat.

Performing Arts

Each year MCI provides opportunities for students to participate in a full-length musical drama production. Many students are able to develop their theatrical talents in acting as well as in staging, lighting, sound, makeup, and backstage responsibilities. The professional size stage as well as professional lighting and sound systems in Buhler Hall enhances these experiences. Direction is given by staff members as well as outside professionals in such aspects as choreography, lighting, acting, and production.
Private music instruction in piano and voice are available to students for a fee on campus through Cottonwood Individual Music Instruction. The music director can assist in connecting students and families with suitable music instruction.

Sports & Recreation

MCI offers a wide array of recreational sports opportunities, usually scheduled during the evening hours. The gymnasium weight lifting equipment and the residence table tennis, pool, and table games are available for student use.

MCI participates in Zone IV of the Manitoba High School Athletics Association in soccer, volleyball, cross country, golf, basketball, badminton, track and field, slow pitch, and fastball.  Junior varsity teams for the younger students are organized in several sports.

Students participating in sports at MCI commit themselves to regular practices and diligent training. Developing a cooperative attitude among team members, encouraging positive sportsmanship, and fostering friendly competition are goals of the sports programs.

Student Government

MCI has an active student council consisting of an executive, class representatives, and committee heads. In addition to organizing a variety of activities, student council provides leadership for the entire student body. Executive and committee head elections take place in the spring while other council elections take place in the fall.

The student executive consists of the president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. Their role is to oversee the activities of the various committees and determine annual budgets.
Student council committees include: Christian Life, Sports, Social, Yearbook, Fine Arts, and Technology committees. At the beginning of the school year each committee outlines a plan for various activities they wish to coordinate and provides a budget for these activities to be approved by the entire student council. Some committees, such as the yearbook committee, offer special opportunities in the areas of editing and digital photography. Each committee has a staff advisor working with the group.
Residence assistants are selected through an application and interview process by residence staff appointment. They provide general leadership in the residence by planning special events and assisting when students experience difficulties in their relationships or other issues. The head R.A.’s from each side of the residence also sit on student council.

Other Items of Note

An after school course, delivered by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), is offered twice a year to students fifteen and a half years of age or older. Included with these lessons are several hours of driving experience with the instructor. Driver’s tests can be taken in Altona, but must be arranged by each individual student. The student must provide a vehicle for the road test.  Information and registration for Driver Education courses must happen through MPI.
To provide extraordinary learning opportunities, MCI encourages students to participate in a variety of enrichment programs. These include presentations by the Manitoba Theater Center and the opera company, Festival du Voyageur, or more extensive experiences, such as Encounters with Canada – a one-week experience in Ottawa. A major event for the graduating class is Grad Trip at the end of the school year. Recent trips have included destinations such as Ontario and Quebec, Minneapolis, and Banff.  Students are responsible for their own fund-raising for Grad Trip.
“France 2007” was the start of a projected education tour to Europe every two years. With the aid of Education First Educational Tours, a reputable tour company specializing in tours around the world with teenagers, students get to see Europe in a safe educational and fun manner during spring break.  Details about and sign up for the Spring 2015 trip can be found here

Each year, MCI students enjoy the opportunity to take part in a number of school-run trips. Whether they’re across the province or around the world, these trips prove to be valuable learning experiences for all involved.

SOAR Heartland – March 27-April 4, 2015- Winnipeg, MB

Europe Trip – Spring Break 2015

Grad Trip – June 13-18, 2015